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Young Midas - Pushing Love Away (Produced by Vybe Beatz)

Pushing Love Away Produced by Vybe Beatz Written and recorded by Young Midas Performed by Young Midas She say's, where they get that from?!/ Look at these women! I think they're dumb!/ Trying to hold on to a hopeless love, from a hopeless man?/ What a hopeless bum!/ But she was once, tormented by men, so moralistic back then./ They pushed and pulled her back in. Can't seem to find comfort in friends!/ She relies on herself now! And any man trying to holler, she would leave him on the shelf now!/ Sick and tired of the let downs!/ She'll shut a dude down! Think I'm lying? We can bet, now!/ Almost Impossible to love. Don't think any man deserves enough!/ of a piece of her heart, taking piece by piece trying to use it all up!/ Nah! So she shut it all down!/ feelings are gone when she's running the town!/ Rather be lonely, than look like a fool!/ Stripping for money and paying for school!/ She plays by the rules; "Never let anyone in!/ That's where the feelings begin! / Anybody got a problem with it, she'll solve in spirit, thru me! Hence, lyrics! She said, "What's the point in sittin' 'round caring for somebody that you love, if they eventually gonna hurt you? / Because pain is inevitable in the territory of love, and they say patience is the virtue." "I keep my feelings tucked away. My heart is too fragile and delicate for the pleasure. And I keep pushing love away. I guess it's just the cost of keeping your heart together". Just a little bit of conversa--tion about life,/ and her contempla--tions of suicide./ But her son needs both parents./ She's trying to stay focused and coherent/ In fear of the day, she's not Here./ God knows how long and it's not clear!/ See, daddy ain't around but he tried hard./ He really couldn't understand it! My God!/ "I've breathed my life into the child of mine!/ Nobody else has the time!/ He's a gentleman half the time, it's safe to say, I'm proud of mine!/ I just want him the lifestyle that I never had./ No disappointments on holidays, I play mom and dad./ - So what is the reason for bringing another man into this mess of a lifestyle!/ Not that I'm looking for anyone! I'd be surprised if I found some one right now./ This is my life and I'm living it! With a man, I'd be nothing but limited,/ So abused and accepting the ignorance! Want my reason? I'm giving it!"/ Many of us are guilty of it,/ "Not knowing what love is,/ searching for a prince with glass slippers, and a decent budget/ These people covet love in many ways./ So many days, they're disappointed/ Not knowing they set themselves up for their own disappointments/ Pointing there finger at the frog, who wasn't fit to be Prince./ It's called a fairytale. How's that not supposed to make sense?!/ You can't love me for my mistakes? Well give me a break./ I'm enjoying my time anyway. /And Men, we're guilty of it too. ("Huh?!") Don't lie to yourself, hiding yourself! It's obvious! You only hide from yourself!/ ("Oh.") Yeah! The truth is painful but it's positive facts./ If you want freedom from yourself, catch it in music, how bow dah?!/
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